1 670.00 $

Плем. Бычки Галловей

2 000.00 $

Плем. телки Галловей

1 903.00 $

Плем быки - Герефорд

1 471.00 $

Телки мясной породы Ангус


About us

We are a young company striving to change the situation in entrepreneurship. This system allows you to sell cattle at a fair price, and on favorable terms using digital technologies! All the goods published on the site are up-to-date, verified by our ground partners - the Eurasian network of cattle markets! 

The essence of the project is the modernization of the livestock turnover market through the creation of a system of certified district/inter–district livestock markets that solve the issues of uniform identification of livestock using the numbered capacity of tags issued by the Rosselkhoznadzor of the Russian Federation, selection and development of farm industry projects within the objectives of socio-economic development of rural areas and economically justified employment of the population.

We are the first

We strive to create and implement new tools that help to earn fairly!

We are for professionalism

The cattle trade network is built on professional participants!

We are for security

We are building a safe and trusting environment!


Name Price Changes Changes %
Симменталы нетели 5.45 $ - 0.34 $ - 6.00 %
Смешанный скот: Герефорд/ Шароле 4.76 $ + 0.51 $ + 11.00 %
Ангусы - нетеля 4.76 $ - 0.00 $ - 0.00 %
Герефорд быки на откорм - 200 кг. 3.81 $ + 0.51 $ + 14.00 %

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